"I wanted to write and thank you for the great service we received from your site.  I ordered and paid for an item and had it sent to my boyfriend's address, as well as any emails regarding the item.  The item was shipped promptly but there was a mix-up with the payment and I wasn't receiving emails, so it actually looked like someone ordered the item and intended not to pay for it.  You were very polite in your emails asking what had happened and were very helpful in getting things settled.  I am very honest, it was a problem with the bank, but now that most business is done on the internet you really don't know who you are dealing with and things like that happen all the time.  We dealt with Zoltan who was very professional and very patient, waiting approximately a month for payment.  My boyfriend searched a lot of sites to find what he wanted, he said great choices, great prices.  We will definitely do business with you again, but I promise we will pay promptly."

Peggy, Calabogie, Canada

"Gotta say, I've never had such good customer service with such lightning fast replies"

James, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


"Recently I had the pleasure of doing business with male chastity devices, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These are by far the best prices on the net and the service is equally as impressive.  Zoltan is friendly, professional and will go above and beyond to solve any problem quickly and to full satisfaction. I would recommend male chastity devices to anyone, and I plan to do business with them again."

Darlene, United States