CB3000 Male Chastity Device


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Adjustable and extremely secure, CB3000 Male Chastity Device will keep you - or your partner - from achieving a full erection or masturbating, all while letting you view the penis through the clear device.


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Take control of your lover's cock or surrender control of your own with the ultimate male chastity device that is the CB3000.

Made of hypoallergenic, medical-grade polycarbonate and featuring adjustable interlocking rings, the CB3000 is lightweight, durable and comfortable while remaining secure, restricting erections and preventing masturbation.

The contoured body, ventilation and urination openings are suitable for 24/7 wear. Replacing the brass lock with one of the plastic numbered locks makes passing through metal detectors a breeze.   

Kit includes: 1 cage, 1 brass padlock, 5 rings (1.5 in. 1.625 in. 1.75 in. 1.875 in. and 2 in.) 5 numbered plastic locks, locking pins, spacers and black carrying case.



Durable and easy to clean

I have had the CB3000 on for three days straight now and I have to say it is very good for day to day wear. It’s really durable and easy to clean. I can leave it on in the shower and it is so comfortable I barely feel it on. Very happy with the CB3000.


Minimalistic design makes public appearances a breeze

I used to be very anxious about going out in public while wearing a chastity device at some of the other designs I have tried are incredibly bulky and uncomfortable, meaning that it’s all very noticeable and all a bit anxiety-inducing when you want to wear it out in public. The CB3000 is totally different to all of that. It’s very minimal in terms of design and appearance, and it has a nice streamlined contoured look to it which means it looks great when it needs to and when I’m out in public nobody suspects a thing. So excellent all round.


You can see everything

We originally got one of the metal cage-like male chastity devices but for various reasons it wasn’t suitable for our needs. We thought we would try the cb3000 on a whim and we haven’t been left disappointed. I particularly like the clear plastic of this so that you can see everything through it, very sexy!


Easy and convenient

Very easy to use and convenient to put together and clean, urinate et cetera. It’s all very straightforward and the instructions for use are very clear. It’s much more hygienic than some of the other male chastity devices I have used in the past.


Great way to unwind

Got this for my hubby after deciding we wanted to try something new in the bedroom. I really like the control this gives me which makes a nice change from our usual day to day lives! My husband has a very stressful job so I think this is a really great novel idea and a way to help him unwind and let someone else be in charge for once.


Ticks all of the boxes

For those of us who have been doing this for a long time we all know how hard it is to find a male chastity device which does the job sufficiently as well as has all of the benefits of being easy to clean, easy to urinate in and easy to sit down / sleep / exercise etc. I can honestly say that the cb3000 is the only device I have found so far that unequivocally ticks all of those boxes without any caveats. Well done CB-3000!


Allows sleeping without any discomfort

This is the first male chastity device I have come across which actually allows me to sleep in it without any discomfort of nasty pinching which wakes you up in the middle of the night! I’m really impressed with the device and I expect I’ll be upgrading to one of the later models very soon.


Adds a little extra spice

I wish I had found this product much, much earlier in my BDSM life, it would have made things a lot easier for me! On the cb-3000 itself, it pretty much does what it says on the tin, but I particularly like the clear plastic casing which adds a little extra spice! Very well ventilated too so you don’t get hot and bothered in the wrong kind of way… haha


Fantastic all-round experience

I was impressed with the discreet packaging that the cb3000 arrived in, a fast dispatch and delivery too. The product itself is fantastic but I have to say the all round experience for this purchase, something which can be quite daunting especially to the nature of it (!!!) has been very discrete and well managed, I would definitely buy from this company again. Thanks.


easy assemblage

This is a very discrete item great for personal day to day wear. So far I have been extremely impressed with the easy assemblage, the operational capabilities and the simplicity of negotiating urination. Overall cb3000 is a great product and I would definitely recommend.



After reading mixed reviews about the CBs I decided to try one, as some say it’s the best they’ve found and others aren’t too keen. I find it easy to put on, easy to clean around and just overall one of the most comfortable cages I have ever had. I love how it’s clear so I can see exactly what’s going on, it’s a huge turn on!

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CB3000 Male Chastity Device

CB3000 Male Chastity Device

Adjustable and extremely secure, CB3000 Male Chastity Device will keep you - or your partner - from achieving a full erection or masturbating, all while letting you view the penis through the clear device.



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