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CB6000 Male Chastity Device is the latest development from the makers of CB3000. As our absolute best seller CB6000 provides better security, comfort and quality compared to its predecessors.


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Known as the best Male Chastity Device on the market, customers thought we couldn't improve on the CB3000 but the upgraded and enhanced CB6000 is proof that the best CAN get better. This device retains all the quality, comfort and security of the original with the following improvements:

- Three interlocking pieces to complete the whole
- Guide pins securing the top and a locking pin connect the cage to the ring
- An innovative locking mechanism makes changing rings a snap
- Cage redesign improves 24/7 wear comfort.

As with all CB chastity devices, the CB6000 is made of lightweight polycarbonate, is vented for airflow and has a bottom opening for urination. Each device comes complete with padlock and plastic numbered locks to prevent issues with metal detectors.

Kit includes: 1 cage (3.25” in length, inside diameter of 1 3/8”), 1 brass padlock, 4 locking pins and spacers, 5 rings (1.5", 1 5/8", 1.75", 1 7/8" and 2" in diameter), 5 numbered plastic locks and an embossed black carrying case. Note: The rings of the CB6000 are NOT interchange with the CB3000 or the Curve.



We kept our secret safe

What can I say? There is simply nothing not to love about the cb-6000. I went out with my boyfriend recently to a gig while wearing the cb-6000 and the event we attended had metal detectors! I freaked out but the detectors picked nothing up. Nothing to worry about. Our secret was a safe :)


Great device!

The main thing I would say about this CB6000 compared to the older products in the range is that it is so comfortable! I can't believe how it feels compared to other male chastity devices I have used in the past. I have worn this all day without any discomfort whatsoever, when standing, sitting or lying down. There is no uncomfortable pinching at all and it doesn't feel heavy or unnatural on me. I also prefer the clear plastic to some of the other devices which opt for chrome or metal. Love it! I think I've found a product for life.


Happy wife, happy life.

I bought the CB 6000 for my partner, as we have tried other chastity devices in the past and we wanted something that is user friendly for day to day wear. I thought the locking system on this is much more straightforward than other chastity devices we have used and this one is much more visually sleek, in my opinion. My partner has no problems with it. It's definitely one of the best male chastity items we have found!


Better than tucking

This is going to get deep. I didn't buy the cb6000 for any adventures with my partner. I'm actually transitioning M to F and I wanted to do something similar to binding for F2Ms, but not have it too uncomfortable or unhygienic and a bit more than just 'tucking'. So I thought I would try this, just to wear around the house at first, and even though it's not much it has just given me so much more peace of mind psychologically. There's something about have the parts of me I don't like locked away like that has just made me feel about 10000% more comfortable in my skin and positive about the future. So THANK YOU guys for giving that to me (the operator I spoke to when I rang up to enquire was also super helpful and talked me through everything really sweetly!).


Investment purchase

My boyfriend was too shy to post on here himself but we BOTH are very much enjoying the CB6000 and we will DEFINITELY be using it for the foreseeable future. It's definitely an investment purchase, but totally worth it when you see how good a product it actually is!


Super comfortable

I've tried quite a few different male chastity belts and devices similar to the CB6000 and have never quite found something that is just right for me, it's always been too tight or pinching or uncomfortable, or manoeuvres my parts into unnatural or uncomfortable positions. This one though, I have been using for a few months now and it is just perfect. I really like the plasticky see through casing, which is more nicer and friendlier than the metal ones I have had in the past, and it is just super comfortable and easy to put together.


A product for life

I've tried many a chastity belt in the past, including the metal cage look ones and the leather pants style ones too. This one I think is the only one I've found which really does exactly what it says on the tin and is great for prolonged use without any uncomfortableness or difficulty when you need to go to the bathroom or something like that. I think mainly for me it's about having something I can use for a long amount of time and it's going to last me. The cb6000 is definitely a product for life if you look after it right.


Not too restrictive

I can wear the cb6000 all day without any discomfort or pinching. The hatch for peeing is perfect unlike some others which are fiddly or not positioned in the right place. The whole thing is just easy to put together and take off, and not too restrictive.


Great for experimenting

Me and my boyfriend have been experimenting with some dom-sub gear and we decided that it was time to go to the next level, so we did plenty of research and went with the cb6000 because it looked the most professional / easy to use / aesthetically nice looking. So we went for it and we definitely haven't been disappointed. I love this product and my boyfriend does too. It has definitely added a new facet to our sexual relationship. We love trying new things and this one is a winner.


It spiced up our sex life

This is our first foray into BDSM and dom/sub stuff, we're relatively new to it all, so I was really not convinced at first when my fiancée produced this chastity device after dinner one evening. But I have to say that we have used it 3 times now and I am a complete convert, I just love it. It has really spiced up our sex life and actually made our relationship stronger too.



Another great product from a popular company. The makers of the CB6000 have nailed it. This is a comfortable, reliable device that can be worn all the time, you may even forget you’re wearing it – yes it really is that light!
The only thing I would say is if you wear for a long time you will need to pee sitting down, the design of the holes at the tip of the cage make standing up a bit of a wild card – you don’t know which direction it’s going to come out.
Apart from that minor issue, it’s a great value, excellent quality device that you can use again and again.

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CB6000 Male Chastity Device

CB6000 Male Chastity Device

CB6000 Male Chastity Device is the latest development from the makers of CB3000. As our absolute best seller CB6000 provides better security, comfort and quality compared to its predecessors.



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