The Vice Male Chastity Device


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Our newest, and most secure innovation in the chastity device market.
100% secure, safe and comfortable, made for long-term wear.


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Making these devices secure usually requires drastic modifications, and these changes can be extremely uncomfortable, even unbearable. Even with these alterations, the device still lacks adequate security. Now imagine a chastity device that not only offers true security, but is also comfortable.  Wearing a device that once it’s locked in place, the only form of removal is from your keyholder. 

Imagine wearing this device for as long as your keyholder wishes, knowing you cannot escape. Locked in Lust’s flagship device, The Vice, offers just that.
The Vice is a lightweight medical grade polycarbonate device, which uses a proprietary anti-pullout device with the use of carefully selected textures and materials that your skin will form to, effectively making the device more secure the longer you wear it.  The skin forming to the textures causes no permanent damage, but makes pulling out of the device nearly impossible.

Cage – Length 70mm ( 2.74 inches ) / Width 34mm ( 1.33 inches )

Anti-Pullout (gap between anti-pullout tabs)
Small – 17mm ( 0.66 inches )
Medium – 19mm ( 0.75 inches )
Large – 21mm ( 0.83 inches)

Rings (Inner Diameter)
Small – 40mm ( 1.58 inches )
Medium – 44mm ( 1.74 inches )
Large – 46.5mm ( 1.84 inches )
X-Large – 48.5mm ( 1.91 inches )

Locking Pins / Spacers
Small – 22mm / 34mm ( 0.86 inches / 1.33 inches )
Medium – 25mm / 37mm ( 0.98 inches / 1.45 inches )
Large – 28.5mm / 40mm ( 1.12 inches / 1.57 inches )
X-Large – 31.5mm / 43mm ( 1.24 inches / 1.70 inches )

1 Cage
4 Rings
3 Anti-pullouts
1 Locking Pin Cap (to wear the device without the anti-pullout)
4 Locking Pins & Spacers
1 ABS Plastic coated Brass Padlock
1 Velvet Carrying Case




Such a great innovation guys! The last five years i faced a great variety of problems with my husband duo to our insecurity. But when i so this page, i felt that my problem could be easily solved,as it just happened. I reccomend the products to all of you who are facing now such problems,as i did. I guarantee its effectiveness. NOW I AM TOTALLY SECURE. What about you?



Wow, what a great new bit of kit! Over the years my husband has found that he can slip out of a wide range of cages if given enough time. I saw the Vice kit and thought why not give it a try…and I wasn’t disappointed! I love how fully customisable it is, the anti-pull out pins really do make a difference, as hubby can no longer find his way out if it! Whilst being the most secure we’ve tried he also says it’s one of the most comfortable, as it is lightweight and doesn’t make a noise when you sit in a plastic chair. All round excellent product, well worth every dollar!

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The Vice Male Chastity Device

The Vice Male Chastity Device

Our newest, and most secure innovation in the chastity device market.
100% secure, safe and comfortable, made for long-term wear.



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